Video Presentations



We develop presentations with amazing visuals on a rapid timeline.

The process of developing a presentation involves SOAP System’s 3 steps:

Content Development

Visual Identity Design

Slide Design

The Video Presentation is built on a PowerPoint foundation and uses sophisticated animation resources, saved and delivered in the Windows Media Video format (.wmv).

It is usually used as a teaser, or short, stand-alone presentation and includes voice-over and exclusive soundtrack.

For companies that want to improve internal capabilities in developing presentations:

The Workshop conveys the essence of SOAP’s methodology for creating state-of-the-art presentations.

Participants will learn how to create impactful presentations, from the development of the script to the design of slides.

The objective is to leverage the value perception of ideas, projects, products and solutions, engaging audience members and guiding them to your pre-defined goals.

Presenter Skills training to improve presentation delivery and achieve highest audience engagement.


The SOAP System delivers high-quality, creative content and visuals, optimizes presentation development time, and maximizes results.

The easy 3-step SOAP SYSTEM



Visual Identity




The content is the foundation of a presentation; it defines the message and flow of the story.

There are 3 ways to develop presentation content:

Client Content

SOAP Consulting Sessions

Script development

The Visual Identity is the “Look and Feel” of the presentation.

Based on your existing branding elements (logo, colors, brand, guidelines, etc.) and based on the theme of the presentation (corporate, sales, products, etc.), SOAP creates a tailor-made Visual Identity that defines the design style that will inform the slides.

The slides bring your story to life. They are the visual aid that supports and supplements the speech.

SOAP uses sophisticated visual resources and animations to promote understanding and create impact.

Format and Context

Presentation Format

  • Face-to-Face
  • Stand-Alone
  • Mobile (iPad)

Presentation Context

  • Sales Pitch
  • Company Presentation
  • Sales Kickoff
  • Product Presentation
  • Conference
  • Prospecting Meeting
  • Fund Raising and IPO
  • Investor Relations
  • Quarter/Annual Results
  • Keynote Speech
  • Motivational Meeting
  • … Among many others