Bohemian Rhapsody – Why Freddie Mercury had such a strong connection with the public?


When Bohemian Rhapsody first preview came out it aroused enormous enthusiasm.  Millions of people were excited with the possibility of watching Queen’s story on the big screen. And now that the movie has become a worldwide blockbuster it is hard to find someone who hasn’t been touched by the band’s story and songs – which […]

Fighting for attention: win this battle within the first minutes of your presentation

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That crucial moment is here. You are about to deliver a key presentation for your career. Starting now, time can be either your best friend or your worst enemy. You have just a few seconds to attract your audience. Eight seconds, to be more accurate, if you are dealing with a younger crowd.   This […]

The Worst Way to Start a Presentation

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There’s more than one way to start a presentation. As a matter of fact, there are countless good ways to begin, and as we always say, the beginning of a presentation is crucial. Because in those first moments you need to win your audience’s attention and confidence so they’ll hang on your every word til […]

Tuning the tone: learn the different audience’s profiles and how to deal with them

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Consider the following: you must deliver a speech to an audience from a different state hence you carefully choose the references that, in your opinion, will be appealing to them. However, your choice must reflect your perception. Imagine if, on the day of your presentation, instead of a lively and engaged audience, you see nothing […]

Some tips to make a visual identity for presentations aligned with your company’s brand book

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The art of speaking is the key to charming your audience during a presentation. We constantly insist on this matter here on SOAP’s blog. However, the visual part has a huge influence too. Brilliant speech and script are almost worthless if the slides are shoddy.   In a corporative presentation is undeniable that you must […]

Words convince, the body reaffirms: how to wow your audience in an important meeting


Contentment, sorrow, fear, tension: emotions might influence us more than we would wish for. And herein lies the problem: when there is an important meeting lined up for us and we are assaulted by negative emotions, chances are our words and body language will convey that, which might compromise our performance during a key moment. […]

How to Hold Audience Attention

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    Keeping tens or hundreds of minds focused on a presentation isn’t easy. In fact, it’s a bit of a challenge! If a story isn’t compelling, if a speech is boring, confusing or even predictable, it’s easy for an audience to lose focus. Just as in the movies, the audience is seated but traveling […]

5 Reasons Why Traditional Business Presentations Don’t Engage (and How To Change The Game)

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1-      Problem: The poorly defined objective What is the objective of a performance review presentation? To present the performance? Well, if it were, you may as well just email the results.   Most executives prepare business presentations with poor objectives in mind. Not wrong ones, but objectives that just aren’t specific enough. Usually, the objective […]

The “Wow!” effect: illustrator and designer Christoph Niemann’s TED Talk offers tips for an outstanding layout

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When the German-born illustrator and designer Christoph Niemann decides to talk about the creation of images, you must stop to listen. Not only for being a highly respected illustrator, but also for being one of the few who understands the power of visuals. Niemann knows how a drawing, no matter how simple, can deeply move […]