Top 10 Blog Articles on Presentations


Top 10 Blog Articles on Presentations

It’s vacation time. If you love presentations and would love to learn more about them, here’s a not-to-be-missed list of great blog articles on presentations!


To be completely unbiased we don’t mention any of our blog articles, but you can read SOAP’s articles in our blog.


Here’s our list of Top 10 Blog Articles on Presentations:


  • John Cleese Tips on How to Be More Creative by Garr Reynolds
    • Great presentations are creative presentations, and creativity is something we can get better at. In this article, Garr Reynolds sums up a 30-minute talk given by John Cleese, in which he discusses the 5 conditions needed to become more creative – something that’s really important when you need to come up with an outstanding presentation.



  • The Illusion of the First Timeby Jerry Weissman
    • If you’re a presenter who needs to do the same presentation many times, you’ll “face the challenge of keeping each of those iterations fresh.” If this is your situation, Jerry Weissman can help. In this article, he describes some drama techniques that will help you to create the “illusion of the first time.”



  • How to Prepare a 20-Minute TED-Like Talkby Nick Morgan
    • All of us have heard about TED Talks – they’ve become popular all around the world. The majority of the presenters at TED follow some of the best practices in the presentation world. In this post, Nick Morgan explains the 3 main steps for preparing a 20-minute Ted Talk. Easy to read and follow, it’s a simple but effective article for anybody having to prepare a short presentation.



  • Business Presentations That Stickby Elizabeth Macdonald
    • Most of our followers are businesspeople, so this article may be a great help to you. It’s a clean and concise article by Elizabeth Macdonald that sets out three easy-to-follow tips to help you, the presenter, “actively focus your audience’s listening” on the messages you want and need to convey, so making your business presentations more memorable.



  • Give Killer Presentations: Think Like a Writer by Mike Elgan
    • Writers can keep our attention for hours and even days using only words on a page. So every presenter, including you, can benefit from reading this post by Mike Elgan. Here he explains how to present like a writer, applying the novelist’s techniques to presentations in general.



  • 7 Ways to Make Presentations More Convincing by Geoffrey James
    • If you’re short of time and need some quick tips to help make your presentations more convincing, Geoffrey James can help. In this 5-minutes-to-read article, you’ll learn the best and easiest ways to make your presentations more persuasive, so they touch both “mind and heart at multiple levels”.



  • Business Presentations in Dire Need of a Complete Overhaul by John Lowe
    • John Lowe starts by addressing the fact that most business presentations are indeed awful. But there are ways to fight this, and Lowe gives you 4.5 steps to help you improve all your future business presentations, helping you understand that in the end what really counts is how well a story is told.



  • How to Give a Killer Presentation by Chris Anderson
    • If you have some time to invest in your presentation skills, we highly recommend this article. Chris Anderson believes that “giving a good talk is highly coachable,” so he coaches by using various Ted Talks examples that will help you to visualize and better understand the best practices that will lead to a killer presentation.



  • Picture-Bites: Your Presentation Message on Steroids by Anne Miller
    • If you have any doubts that good visuals can help uplift a presentation, this article by Anne Miller is the right one for you. Here, the author explains   picture-bites, why they work for presentations, and the 7 signs one is in need of a picture-bite.



  • Being Memorable: Tips for Effective Presentations
    • Leaving a strong trace in your audience’s memory is every presenter’s main goal, which is why this article can be good for you. Take 3 minutes to watch this short video. It sets forth three simple tips to help transform your presentations into memorable moments.