The First Step in Designing a Powerpoint Presentation for Your Business


What your first slide needs to DO

A presentation needs to convey much more than may be obvious.  Just by the way it looks, for example, your audience will be drawing conclusions about you and your business even before you start to describe what you have to offer.


And it all starts with the slide being displayed as people are coming into the meeting room.  Do they see a desktop full of shortcuts that says nothing about you?


First slide boring presentation



Or a PowerPoint interface to the slides of your presentation that says nothing about you?


Do they see open files displaying proposals or cost calculations that say nothing about the total you?



What your  first slide needs to BE

Before you design a PowerPoint presentation, it’s crucial to develop a first slide that will generate interest and excitement in everything you’re about to say. A visual that features key aspects of your brand along with the key concept of your presentation. A visual that makes people curious, maybe even intrigued. After all, this is a fantastic opportunity to promote your company, so why waste it again advertising Microsoft PowerPoint’s main interface?


As people come in the room and see that first slide, they need to want to be interested in your company.



First Slide impactful presentation



It’s that first slide that can provide the spark that will make your audience want to know you better and hear what you have to say.