The 5 Types of Visual Identity Styles – Examples of PPT Slides



The elements chosen to compose the visual identity and the way they are arranged are critical factors in creating the right style and tone for a presentation. This style is important because it will directly influence the experience of an audience. There is no right or wrong style, but each visual identity should agree with the brand, with the presenter’s style and with the audience’s values.


Check out examples of PPT slides that illustrate different Visual Identity Styles:


Examples of PPT Slides

Clean style: When less is more


In the book, Presentation Zen, Garr Reynolds advocates the creation of a “clean” slide style and reveals the principles and techniques that he applies in the design of presentations. Making an analogy to the signal-to-noise ratio in radio communication, he tells us that, when making slides, excellence means we must focus on the signals that are relevant information and avoid the noise or irrelevant information which, as with radio transmission, damages the signal. He is specific here: To ensure the highest possible signal and the least noise, we need to clearly communicate with minimal degradation of the message. This visual degradation can occur in several ways: by selecting inappropriate charts and tables, by using ambiguous labels and icons, by emphasizing unnecessary items like lines, shapes, symbols and logos, for example, none of which play a decisive role in sustaining the message. It’s also interesting to note that, even when defending the principle that less is more, Reynolds also highlights the benefit that accrue from a presentation in which “emotional information” is included on the slides. He says that the image of a nice landscape, for example, if consistent with the script, can benefit communication simply by touching an audience’s feelings, even if it doesn’t add rational or objective information.


Now take a look at some examples of PPT slides – clean style – designed by SOAP:



Examples of PPT Slides