Excellent is WIP

Excellent is WIP


SOAP lives by excellence. We combine strengths and skills to achieve goals and client’s needs. We are also aware that new challenges come up, so improvements are constant.


SOAP has a new “Door” for you to knock and get information about what we do and can do for you.


Digging deep into the moto “turning complex into simple” we transformed the face and experience of our website. Making it easy to understand what SOAP does, how and with what purposes.




Presentations that merge impactful visuals with business Intelligence.







We shape your ideas into reality. Your concepts into experiences


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What Purpose?


Deliver the message the way clients want it to be perceived. Be it a presentation, a video or a document.


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Tell us what we can do for you. And remember, excellence is work in progress.


Effective storytelling = effective transformation

Storytelling is a communication technique. It is put to practice more effectively when it is authentic and relatable. It can also be tailored to who you are telling it to. Like Chelsea Clinton said on this post.


Everybody has a story to tell. Brands, services and products also do. It is the way that they do it, that can move people to react to it. One who mastered well this technique was Steve Jobs. On the video below, you can watch his presentation on Apple’s rebranding on his comeback to the company. After watch it, you will feel transformed.





What we believe at SOAP, is that in order to be effective with your communication, you need to put yourself in the eyes of the beholder. You need to make the audience care, feel and act, on what you are about to present to them. There is a difference in telling, that this service is X and it will be beneficial to Z, to, I tried the service X, because air headed as I am, I went to a grocery store and forgot my wallet, all I had was my smartphone and wifi, Z was the reason why my friend, who just arrived from a long distance flight, ate dinner that night.


Stories that are relatable creates niches in the memory, making them stick on your audience. And above all make them react, or feel different from when they started paying attention to your presentation. That is what we call the transformation.


The pitch Steve Jobs gave before showing the new Apple Slogan on the video above, was his and Apple’s team journey to the new vision, then he showed the video that resulted from that journey.


Below are two examples of storytelling used by brands and services.


Honey Bunches of Oats


Authentic: It uses a real employee as the main character, telling a true story in her own words.

Relatable: The smell of cookies is something you can feel when going to a deli



AirBnB : Wall and Chain: a story of breaking down walls

Authentic: The service was a medium to the story

Relatable: Historic Background and emotions





Were you transformed by the videos above?


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