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Powerpoint 2013 Basics: A Tutorial

When we’re relying on a PowerPoint file to sell a presentation, it’s crucial that we design the visuals nicely and in an organized way. Otherwise, we run the risk of shooting ourselves in the foot when our message gets lost in visual “noise.”

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15 most common presentation mistakes

We all know that mistakes happen, but why not be aware of the most common presentation mistakes so that you can avoid them in the first place? Here are 15 common gaffes that can ruin you from the first moment of a presentation.

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Free Template: Your Awesome CV

If you’ve been on the job market lately, you know that applying for a new job is nowhere near as simple as sending in a résumé and crossing your fingers! When applying for a new job, every detail counts.

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Free Download: Your Training PPT Template

If you’re responsible for the training department in your company, if you’re a teacher, a professor, a school director, or if you’re somebody involved in some way in education or business instruction, this presentation is right for you.

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eBook: How to Write a Winning Presentation Pitch - Part II

Every high-standard presentation that aims to persuade with content has to convey energy, edge and emotion. For those who have to create such presentations on a daily basis, it's essential to master the techniques that will enable them to develop products of that high caliber.

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Getting a "Yes" Template

Do you have an idea the boss has to approve? Do you have a project the CEO has to sign off on? Do you have a new product that needs a "yes"?
You do? Well, we have the perfect PowerPoint Template for you.

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eBook: 100 Quotes on Presentations

Many times, a simple phrase can teach a valuable lesson or convey a critical insight that may change the way we approach the world. When thinking about presentations and the best way to create them, some experts have a lot to teach us all.

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eBook: 52 Presentation Tips

SOAP Presentations wants to help you achieve exceptional performances in 2013, so we're giving you this eBook of 52 Presentation Tips: one for each week next year.

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Tasting Template

The last quarter of every year is a critical moment for every company.

The new products and projects for the year to come are being presented and approved.

So now SOAP Presentations would like to help you with a Free PowerPoint Template that you can use for many product presentations.

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The Anatomy of a Presenter

When you make a face-to-face presentation, you're fully exposed to an audience. So, it’s very important to be aware of the unspoken messages your body is sending.

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Do You Want to Improve Your Performance as a Presenter?

With this free White Paper from SOAP, you’ll be able to see the 4 things you must never do and the 4 things you must always do for your presentations to be considered state-of-the-art. If you want to enhance your presenter skills or if you’ve encountered problems trying to be an effective presenter, this Free White Paper is for you!

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