How to create a presentation using the TED format


Talks watched freely by millions of people in just on click. It would be hard to find someone who has not been impacted by a TED video yet.   The nonprofit organization was born in the 80’s in California, aiming at making public ideas that were worth being spread. The mission was undoubtedly accomplished. By […]

How to decide the slide’ content

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In order to preparing a presentation, we have to be clear. All information available seems to be important. Sometimes, for many of us, it’s hard to distinguish a detail from the information that really matters. Does the audience need to know all information about the topic?  Are they familiarized with the topic?  Is there any […]

What is empathy and how to use it in presentations

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While making a presentation, communicating with each and every one like if you were talking to them individually allows you to create a unique bond with the audience. This is the kind of result that those able to control empathy achieve.   But what does empathy mean? Empathy is when you can put yourself in […]

6 Templates to improve your presentations

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  You know exactly what you are going to talk about, you speak well in public but you’re not the best in putting the slides together? Well, we have the solution for you to turn good presentations into great presentations. Here are a few free templates that you can download from our website. They will […]

How to distinguish yourself without looking phoney


Three PR companies struggle for a partnership with a big agency. In situations like these, knowing how to show your differential may determine who will win. The agency will probably choose the corporation better aligned to its values and that shows ability to deliver what was promised. However, presenting why your company is better than […]

Excellent is WIP


  SOAP lives by excellence. We combine strengths and skills to achieve goals and client’s needs. We are also aware that new challenges come up, so improvements are constant.   SOAP has a new “Door” for you to knock and get information about what we do and can do for you.   Digging deep into […]

6 Presentation tools to boost productivity


  SOAP is a household of designers, consultants and executive management. The art craft is mainly creativity, but the tools SOAP uses are mainly software and hardware. As is the majority of work of this century.   PowerPoint can be Loved or hated. No matter which side you are on, it still represents a mean […]

Design Vs Happiness

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Image above from Erik Voake for Fast Company   SOAP’s work is about solving problems. Mainly communication issues. What is the best way to convey this information? In which way can we deliver this chart, so people can understand this particular number or data and what it stands for?   One of SOAP’s resource is […]

Advertise, inform or share?


  SOAP’s work is very hard to be defined in the communication industry. We are very proud of our work and the experience gained in these more than 12 years of existence. We are an agency, but not your regular definition of advertising agency. We are consultants, but we work together with the client from […]