10 Easy Steps to a Successful Presentation Performance


10 easy steps to a successful presentation


Do you get nervous when you’re going to do a presentation? Do you not know how to behave when all eyes are on you? Well, this is normal for the majority of presenters. But there are ways to help you make sure your presentation performance will be a success.


Here are 10 Steps to a Successful Presentation Performance, that will help you increase your confidence as a presenter!


1. Always have your goal in mind. This prevents loss of focus.


2. Know that if you’re on stage presenting, it’s because you deserve it. You’re the main artist now, so make sure you have confidence in yourself!


3. Always keep in mind how your presentation can influence the lives of the people in your audience.


4. Wear comfortable and discreet clothes. But mindful of your appearance, so that people realize you prepared for a special occasion.


5. Never interrupt a question from the audience – you may come across as arrogant.


6. Generate empathy. A way to do this is by looking people in the audience in the eye in a natural way (For more tips on how to generate empathy, click here.)


7. If you realize that the audience is getting sleepy, disinterested or bored, change your own internal mood. Remember that your audience is your mirror. (Click here to learn ways to engage and retain audience attention.)


8. The voice plays a major role in a presentation, so use it wisely! Speak louder, speak lower, faster, slower … (There are several techniques you can use. Here are some tips.)


9. Be consistent with your speech. For example, if you want to motivate your sales team, you will have to be the first to be excited and motivated.


10. Think of your audience as intelligent people and quick thinkers who are interesting and interested in what you have to say. So rehearse as much as you can and train well before the presentation! (If you want some tips on how to rehearse for a presentation, click here.)



These are suggestions you can easily remember and apply in future presentations, so start testing them in your next presentation.